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Introducing the Iommian 7th iteration i-Fighter, codename: SPiNNER.


Features a control pod that rotates on the z-axis to keep the pilot stable while the fighter rolls or spins (pointless in space but it looks cool). The propulsion ring features almost 320 degrees of directional vectoring for extreme maneuverablity. Fighter operations controlled by two blue touch screens. Droid socket fits standard R2 unit (pictured here with R2-P3). Armaments include: 2 proton torpedo launchers (4 torpedoes each) and 4 laser cannons. The i-Fighter is not equipped with any kind of landing-gear, instead it relies on its repulsorlift generator to keep it hovering above the landing surface.


Built for the 2011 FBTB Alphabet Fighter Contest.

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Taken on June 24, 2011