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Radio Transmission Towers Atop Mt. Wilson

I went up to Mt. Wilson with my girlfriend, where I snapped this photo of just some of the massive collection of radio transmission towers atop the mountain. Of course, I mean "radio" in that they transmit radio waves. Some of these antennas broadcast radio stations, others broadcast the local television stations. One of these towers used to carry the local NOAA Weather Radio station on channel 'G' (162.550 MHz) - KWO37.


I have more pictures from my Mt. Wilson trip, but they were all shot with the intention that they would eventually be merged to HDR images, and I haven't yet had the time to perform HDR processing on them.


Unfortunately, I didn't think to also snap a picture of one of the many fun signs around the perimeter of the radio transmission towers, which read something along the lines of: "DANGER: HIGH POWER RF RADIATION - Keep back unless you want your brain fried!".


Here's a picture I found on the Wikimedia Commons of these same radio towers, except the picture was taken from a different perspective (to the left and below my photo) and in winter.

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Taken on July 23, 2011