2003 Camp Fasola
The first-ever session of Camp Fasola was held Sunday, June 29 to Thursday, July 3, 2003 at Camp Lee in Anniston, Alabama. David Ivey and Jeff Sheppard served as co-directors of camp. They decided to go ahead with camp if 20 people came; 40 people would assure a success. Triumph became a reality when 73 full-time campers arrived from 18 states, 22 of which were youth.

David and Jeff expressed their hope that the camp would last for three years. This annual gathering became so successful that a second session serving adults needed to be scheduled by 2008, and the first international session of Camp Fasola took place in Poland in the fall of 2012.

Thank you to David and Jeff for their vision and leadership. Camp Fasola carries on the singing school tradition for new and experienced singers to gather to learn and to sing in community, the world over.

Make a joyful noise!
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