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Can Somebody Take Me Home? ...ha ha, he he, ha ha, ho! | by fashionisto2k
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Can Somebody Take Me Home? ...ha ha, he he, ha ha, ho!

Raquelle & Skipper


[after receiving a guided tour of the T.R. Apartment Complex, the girls head back to the car]


R. --- So, what did you think?


S. --- It's nice... cozy.


R. --- I don't know if it's me though... you know?


S. --- What's wrong with the apartment you're in now?


R. --- Whenever a new place goes on the market I always like to check it out... make sure it's not better than mine.


S. --- You do weird things.


R. --- I know, it's a tough job being this fabulous!


S. --- I don't know if I should say this but... there's something I have to get off my chest...


R. --- The realtor said this place was great for two people to live comfortably... but I don't see how.


S. --- I never thought this could happen but...


R. --- She must have meant two "little people", because I only see room for one! That's why you said "cozy" ...another word for small.


S. --- Raquelle! I'm trying to tell you something.


R. --- You know what I've been thinking?... I should get an assistant, right? I mean, if Sassy can have one I should have one, right?


S. --- RAQUELLE! [she yells]


R. --- Okay, okay... no need to shout! You can be my assistant... Go get me a coffee! A.S.A.P.! Black... No cream, No sugar.


S. --- I don't want to be your assistant! I'm trying to tell you that I think I'm...


R. --- Ohmygosh... You're in love with me aren't you? [she let's out a pitifully sigh] I knew this would happen. I'm gonna let you down gently because we're friends. I'm in a very committed relationship right now but I'm really flattered.


S. --- As If! I am NOT in love with you! Ewe!


R. --- Oh thank goodness [she begins the laugh] because that was going to be awkward. [then she leans in and whispers to Skipper] I'm not really into girls.


S. --- This is not happening.


R. --- It's a hard job being me. You know, when all of the boys and all of the girls are beggin' to If You Seek Amy!


S. --- [she gets in front of Raquelle then puts her hands on top of her shoulders] Would you please, Shut Up! for one second?


R. --- What is your deal?


S. --- I think I'm majorly crushing on your brother.


R. --- Is that all?


S. --- Yes, but it's complicated. There's that whole Christie thing. I mean, she says she's indifferent towards him but I don't know. And no offence but Ryan acts like some kind of player all the time. Plus I think he might be into Teresa too. Well actually I think he's into pretty much every girl he sees. I don't know why but for some reason after all of that I'm still infatuated with him.


R. --- I can see that... We Kim's are very desirable!


S. --- I don't know what to do? I just feel like I have to have him!


R. --- It's the Kim twins curse. All of the boys and all of the girls


S. --- I know...Are beggin to If You Seek Ay...


R. --- Us!




Part of F2K, Vol. 6

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Taken on February 10, 2013