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Hamish and the Bath of the Queen | by Scott Masterton
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Hamish and the Bath of the Queen

Hamish led the way into the hidden chamber, and what a sight lay spread out before us. The darkness was split by a shard of golden light that entered from high in the ceiling of the large vaulted chamber. As our eyes grew accustomed to the darknessss we could see a pool of water surrounded by a shelved area. We walked all the way around but other than the pool and the terrace the chamber was completely empty.


‘What now?’ we asked Hamish.


‘Remember the clue’ he said, ‘...In the forgotten citadel, lies the bath of the queen, in a hidden chamber to which the Phantom of the Sea holds the key. Only the bravest will find the way, Only the enlightened will reveal that which lies beneath. On the day following the night of the half blood moon, as the sun reaches its zenith, it will show you where to go.’


‘What time is it?’ Hamish asked... We told him and he explained that it was obvious, the beam of light from the sun is going to show us where to go when it reaches its zenith, which is in roughly half an hour. So let’s all sit and wait.


So we sat and watched as the shard of sunlight moved across the surface of the pool and as the moment got closer and closer the realisation began to dawn on us all, and then it came and there is was, we all turned and looked at each other, eyes wide open and wondering. The shard of light pointed straight down... down into the into the depths of the dark brooding pool. What lay below!


‘Any volunteers?’ Niki asked slightly nervously.


Although I’m a strong swimmer I was glad that Hamish immediately stepped forward saying that it was his duty and he would go. ‘This should be nae bother’ he stated, ‘I’ve trained many times for such a challenge... my shaggy coat acts like one of your human wetsuits to insulate me from the wet and cold, while at the same time it acts like an aqualung to hold air that I can suck on while underwater. I can stay under for quite some time. Watch!’ And with that he ran towards the pool and bringing back memories of his earlier escape from the Phantom of the Sea, he jumped into the air, did a double somersault before diving horns first into the deep.


Niki grabbed my hand and we watched, holding our breath.... until we could hold it no longer and we gasped for air. Hamish could obviously hold his breath for longer and all we could see was a little trail of bubbles gently breaking the surface of the pool. Then we heard the rumbling and the surface of the water began to ripple and swirl.


‘There he is’ shouted Niki and across the pool we saw Hamish emerge and climb back out onto the ledge. After shaking himself dry he ran back round to us. ‘I found the plug and removed it, it should drain now... let’s see what’s revealed.’ And so we waited, watching as the water drained away, revealing a line of hieroglyphs around the walls of the pool. It took some time but then it appeared - the bath of the queen, which had lain hidden beneath for all time.


Niki clapped and cheered... ‘Oh Hamish, you’ve done it again!’


‘Now what?’ I asked.


‘The hieroglyphs will tell us’, answered Hamish, ‘But we must be quick, look they are starting to dry out and disappear already.’


We all jumped down onto the floor of the pool and Hamish began to decipher the hieroglyphs...


‘Follow the water, let it show you the way.

A secret awaits, for he who eats hay.

But don’t delay, lest it fade away.’


We turned and looked into the bath of the queen and watch the last of the water drain away to reveal a Hamish sized archway leading into a small tunnel.


Hamish turned to us and said ‘I must leave you now my faithful companions and follow the water. Perhaps one day I shall return. Until then, Adios, and with that he slid down the side of the bath and shot straight into the tunnel and he was gone!


Niki burst into tears.... ‘Will we ever see him again!’


‘I don’t know, I hope so’ I replied, ‘he is a brave little soul, and we must treasure the time we’ve had with him and wish him well on his quest.... farewell little H.’



Comment by author (me).... I have a it worth continuing with The Adventures of Hamish? Are you interested in more or not?

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Taken on May 26, 2011