• Added a line out jack
  • Touch contacts
  • A green LED is connected to the speaker. It turns on with sound and make the sound better too

Circuit Bending

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My first circuit bending stuff. I got a cheap toy piano and added some components and touch contact to make the sound weird.

here it live: www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWPq14B00lg


Il mio primo circuit bending. Ho preso una pianola giocattolo e ho aggiunto dei componenti e dei contatti per rendere il suono piu' strano.

Ecco come suona: www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWPq14B00lg

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  1. holotone 102 months ago | reply

    Nice work! I performed my first circuit surgery this weekend as well, on a thrift-store found Barbie keyboard - To quite an effect even. Unfortunately, somewhere around the 10th mod I added, I shorted out something related to the power, and couldn't get it to turn back on again. Oh well, lesson learned. On to bigger and better projects, I suppose.

  2. Sameli 102 months ago | reply

    Cool looking device. You got all these cool instruments... I wish oneday I'll learn to bend stuff.

  3. anttia 101 months ago | reply

    Looks good, I like the numbers in the keys.

  4. jamesnthegntpch 89 months ago | reply

    how do you add the line out and where could i get one?

  5. farnea 89 months ago | reply

    well, here the line out jack is connected directly to the little speaker...

    where to get the line out in genereal? It depends on the kind of the toy, usually if the toy is simple I take the output signal directly from the speaker. If too loud you can make a simple attenuation with resistors or a pot. ... but in cheap and low powered toys it's difficult you need that.

    Anyway I never connect toys directly to my amplifier, I use a mixer and check the levels before feeding my HI-FI speakers ... just to avoiding to damage my system.

    Sometimes when I make some weird bending I check the output signal with an oscilloscope to see the AC and DC components too. If a DC component is found I put a capacitor.

  6. NikkiRMZ 85 months ago | reply

    Hi. I am the admin for a group called "Children's Musical Instruments." I would like it if you would add this photo to my group. The focus of the group is on the instrument itself, not necessarily the child or children playing an instrument. Thanks!


  7. "<Matte>" 85 months ago | reply

    Molto bene!!! bel lavoro!

  8. Matthew Neary Sermini 81 months ago | reply

    hey men, i AM STARTING WITH CIRCUIT BENDING and ive had some troubles making the toy sound right while through the guitar jack, any sudgestions? may it be the lack of energu to the jack?

  9. farnea 80 months ago | reply

    alenky1, it colud be a lot of things: maybe you have bypassed the toy amplifier and so you got a low level signal, or you have short circuited the signal to ground. Anyway, send me a flickr mail describing what have you done to your toy and what do you aspect to hear. Cheers

  10. Matthew Neary Sermini 80 months ago | reply

    i made a defectuos by-pass, i conected de kack to the wires conected to de speaker, ill try connecting directly to de source in the chip for the speaker

  11. Matthew Neary Sermini 80 months ago | reply

    by the way, thanks man, great help having guys disposed to help in the web like you. cheers, i just hope to make such incredible bends as you one day. tring to evolve my neanderthal condition

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