What the Big Three Did for Us

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    1. farlane 105 months ago | reply

      These photos appear on the article A Marshall Plan for the auto industry? on Absolute Michigan.

      You might want to go read it...

    2. John Levanen 105 months ago | reply

      thanks, Andy ! A plan for the auto ind. ?!! Why not? It would be great for Michigan.... and ultimately great for the U.S.

    3. smiles7 105 months ago | reply

      Yes, well done.

    4. The Real Ferg 105 months ago | reply

      The big 3 did everything for us but it seems no one cares besides us.

      Nice shots of history, my hometown is Greenville Michigan, and @ Frigidare they used to build gliders for WWII, and now its gone to s%$t & i think its empty at the moment & the town is going to vanish if no-one does anything, but nobody seems to care, as the rich ppl move into town from Grand Rapids.

      p.s. Frigidare moved to Mexico...... thanks alot governor.

    5. O Caritas 105 months ago | reply

      The Big Three did a lot for the Big Three! Corporations have no loyalties but to themselves.

    6. farlane 105 months ago | reply

      Well yeah, the corporations did it for themselves. I'm more referring to the people who worked for the corporations.

      There's a tendency to see retirees as pampered and over-pensioned. I think that what the women and men who supported the war did wasn't easy.

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