Rien ne va plus! (HDR)

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The story of this photo:
This is another interior shot from the AIDAbella cruise ship - the casino! Did you know that they are only allowed to open the casino once the ship has reached international waters? Anyway, I did not gamble on that trip! In fact, my first and only gambling experience was in Las Vegas where I played some poker. After a few hands I lost big time. I had a full house and my opponent had four sixes. Can you believe that??? Normally this only happens in Hollywood movies. This time it happened to me. To make things worse, that guy won an additional 100 Dollars for making the best hand in that hour with his quad sixes. Duhhh...

Maybe you noticed that I did a bit of redesign on my frame which also carries over into the photo. I hope you like it. I borrowed the original idea for that kind of watermarking from Ryan Eng. I think it's a brilliant idea to integrate the watermark into the photo. Ryan, if you happen to read this, I hope this is ok with you.


Take a look at my "HDR Cookbook"! It contains some more information on my techniques.

How it was shot:
> Taken handheld [details]
> Three exposures (0, -2, +2 ev) autobracketed and merged to get and HDR
> Camera: Nikon D90
> Lens: Sigma 10-20mm F3,5 EX DC HSM
> Details can be found here

How it was tonemapped:
> Preparation: Developed the RAW files in ACR mainly for CA correction [details]
> HDR creation using Photoshop (better alignment of source photos)
> Tonemapping using Photomatix version 3.1 (Detail Enhancer)
> Saved as 16bit TIF

How it was post-processed:
> Post-processing was done in Photoshop
> Topaz Adjust on the entire image to get back the colors and the details [details]
> Topaz Denoise (more aggressively on the ceiling) [details]
> Saturation layer on the floor (yellows, reds)
> Levels layer on the floor (more contrast)
> Saturation layer on the chairs (master, yellows)
> Saturation layer on the ceiling (master)
> Saturation layer on the tables (slight desaturation)
> Levels layer on the tables (slight darkening)
> Vignette effect on the lower half of the photo using a masked fill layer [details]
> Sharpening using the high-pass filter [details]
Learn these techniques at farbspiel-photo.com - View. Learn. Connect.
- Thanks for viewing!

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  1. Stu 46 52 months ago | reply

    Amazing! I even like the way you blend your watermark into the shot :)

  2. HJSP82 52 months ago | reply

    Stunning image!

  3. Norton Kejelin [deleted] 52 months ago | reply

    When I use "Merge to HDR" in Photoshop, the camera data are no longer available here in flickr. How your camera information is available in this picture?

  4. seeit_snapit 52 months ago | reply

    gorgeous work!

  5. Michael.DK 51 months ago | reply

    Stunning view and really great processing!

  6. Mad Blike 51 months ago | reply

    Faites vos jeux !
    Awesome work!
    Your HDR collection is just fantastic. So aesthetic and pleasant to look at. I'll be back for more comments.

  7. xadjif 51 months ago | reply

    Thanks for the information’s was very useful website bookmarked

  8. Emotioned.com 50 months ago | reply

    We are working on a monthly travel and adventure sport competition, all winning entries will be published in an online magazine. Judge panel will selected from Flickr.

    There are 3 parts of the competition, 2 parts are currently under development:

    A Flick group called : www.flickr.com/groups/emotioned/

  9. Paul Duggan 49 months ago | reply

    Fabulous detail. Wow.
    Like the watermark too!

  10. parosjet 45 months ago | reply

    Amazing photo can I use it on www.incasino.gr ?

  11. RichardK2010 45 months ago | reply

    Lovely HDR - I really must try harder on my interior HDRs.

  12. sz227 43 months ago | reply

    sehr beeindruckend - mir gefallen so ziemlich alle Deine Bilder

  13. Marcello Bardi 41 months ago | reply

    Another great masterpiece my dear friend!
    Fantastic shot and very wonderful processed !
    Ciao and please visit my gallery again.
    See you soon......Marcello.

  14. Marco de Waal 38 months ago | reply

    Nice picture! Excellent!

  15. FlorHandmade 36 months ago | reply

    I love colors. Thanks for sharing!

  16. janetfo747 New-Nice As It Gets 26 months ago | reply

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