Montenegro: Promoting sustainable agrifood value chains through linkages with tourism
With help from the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), some 100 smallholder farmers from small mountain villages are now reaping the benefits of agro-tourism and getting recognition for preserving centuries-old culinary traditions and a way of life that, elsewhere, has been long abandoned or is slowing dying out. The FAO-EBRD project staff has worked with ministries, non-governmental organisations, tourism agencies and hotels and restaurants to promote agro-tourism and local, high quality foods. Farmers got connected with restaurant and hotel owners; and farmers and chefs got trained in how to store and cook local products so that their unique quality was enhanced and food safety compliances were met - all with the aim of encouraging locals to keep their traditions alive whilst boosting their incomes and bettering their lives. Elsewhere in the small mountainous villages of northern Montenegro, FAO and EBRD, with funding from Luxembourg, helped farmers get international recognition - Geographical Indication (GI) status - for some of their foods thanks to their high quality and unique production process.
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