Round Table 4
18 November 2009, Rome - Measures to Enhance Global Food Security: Rural Development, Smallholder Farmers and Trade Considerations

This round table will explore agricultural and trade policies that could support the maintenance and growth of agricultural productive capacity and enhance livelihoods and rural development in both developed and developing countries. The objective is to support small farmers, without creating distortions, while putting in place a policy framework conducive to long-term global food security and environmental sustainability. Questions to be addressed at the round table would include:

How to increase access of developing country farmers (especially smallholders) to national, regional and international markets?

How to provide support to farmers in least developed countries so that they face a level playing field?

Can mechanisms be developed for smallholders to benefit from the carbon credit offset system?

What international mechanisms and national policies need to be in place to assure countries of food imports in times of crises?


Kanayo Nwanze, President, IFAD

Joachim von Braun, Director-General, IFPRI

Clemens Boonekamp, Director of the Agriculture and Commodities Division, WTO

Karen Serres, President of the IFAP Committee of Women Farmers
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