Round Table 1
16 November 2009, Rome - Round Table 1: Minimizing the Negative Impact of the Food, Economic and Financial Crisis on World Food Security

This round table was convened to the specific needs of different segments of society during a food security crisis, with special reference to smallholder farmers, and how to respond to those needs. This round table could have three outcomes: clarification of differences in the impacts of food security crises on smallholder farmers and of other affected population groups; identification of possible adjustments required in existing global response mechanisms to permit faster and more effective reaction that is specific to the needs of each affected population group when a crisis occurs; and guidance on how to accelerate investment response, within the context of the Accra Agenda for Action, in smallholder agriculture in times of food security crisis.


Josette Sheeran, Executive Director, WFP

Ajay Vashee, President, International Federation of Agricultural Producers, IFAP

Koos Richelle, Director-General AIDCO, EC

Amit Roy, President and Chief Executive of the International Centre for Soil Fertility and Agricultural Development, IFDC

Observer: Vashee Ajay, IFAP

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