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The 37th Session of CFS will take place from 17th-22nd October 2011, FAO, Rome, Italy.

The agenda of the new CFS reflects its renewed role. The session will include three policy round tables on the following topics: “Food Price Volatility”, “How to Increase Food Security and Smallholder‐Sensitive Investment in Agriculture” and “Gender, Food Security and Nutrition”.

Other sessions include “Mapping Food Security and Nutrition Actions at Country Level”, the “Review of Methods to Estimate the Number of Hungry” and the status of the development of the Global Strategic Framework for Food Security and Nutrition.

Side events are scheduled throughout the week and there will be displays in the FAO Atrium of materials related to the CFS Agenda. In the Flag Room there will be an exhibition of photographs called “What the World Eats”.

Visit this link for the background documents for the session and information of the side events: www.fao.org/bodies/cfs/cfs37/en/

The Timetable for the Session is at this link: www.fao.org/docrep/meeting/023/mb783e.pdf