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ZOE A LITTLE FLOWER AMONG THE TULIPS (The face of innocence????)

She just had her hand up and was about to pull the tulip plant over and I caught this photo. I came in and saw what was about to happen and said 'Zoe, are touching the tulips when Nana said not to?"

She tried to act all innocent, and replied, "NO NANA, no me!"

It was very hard not to laugh as I was telling her about flowers and how they need to be left untouched so they don't get sick. She had this very serious look on her face and then smiled like an angel.

BOY AM I A PUSHOVER! But it's almost impossible for grandmas to REALLY get mad at grandkids while they are still under 16. LOL Happy Monday all you mommys, daddys, Peepaws, Meemaws, Nanas and Papas.

Give your little "Flowers" a hug today. May your Monday be the best day of the week so far! Thanks for visiting. JJ

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Taken on February 22, 2012