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When we pray in faith believing we get answers and solutions from God. Today a miracle happened, and I believe it was due entirely to God not to medicine, but the doctors will never tell you that. Jen had to undergo a pre-op MRI scan to get a handle on where they would go in. The miracle is that the tumor had shrunk over 40% since the last scan a week ago! The doctors agreed that to put Jen through such an invasive "procedure" and the surgery was cancelled. NOT POSTPONED. Cancelled. The medical people believe that the steroids which had not been working for so long, "finally worked" and shrunk the tumor enough so that surgery would not be necessary. They are going to do radiation just once to remove the harder outside of this tumor, and she will continue on a course of medicines as she has been in the past to make sure it does not start growing again.

However, I don't believe it will. I KNOW why this tumor shrunk so quickly in one week's time, when nothing helped before, ALL THE PRAYERS SAID FOR HER! I know why tears of sorrow are turned to tears of joy!

Naturally we are thrilled. Right now Jen is like a rag doll. She came home and is resting and finally getting some much needed sleep. The children are all fine and we are immensely relieved. God is THE GREAT PHYSICIAN and we have all done what was necessary to have HIM "perform" HIS MIRACLE! We prayed. God bless every single one who prayed for Jen. She is His lamb and He is the Good Shepherd! A good shepherd does not allow his sheep to get hurt. OUR GOOD SHEPHERD heard the prayers and petitions, saw the tears and answered in the most amazing way.

AMAZING GRACE! Glory be to the Lord, now and forever! Thank you with all our hearts for praying, JJ and family!


Have a blessed Labor Day!


Please open this up to large size to read the Bible verses. I made this after we got the good news this morning. It may not be perfect but I had to thank GOD AND YOU!


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Taken on August 31, 2011