Famous Accountants TV Party #1
We’re gonna have a TV Party tonight! We’re gonna have a TV Party tonight! We’ve got nothing better to do than watch TV and have a couple of brews. And all our friends are gonna hang out with us at Famous Accountants tonight. Alright!

TV Party is an opportunity to drink beer and hang out. It’s about the pleasures of hanging out and drinking cheap beer, sir. In order to give the event a veneer of seriousness and credibility selections of avant-garde film and video from Kevin Regan’s personal collection will be presented as background noise.

For TV Party #1 Fischli and Weiss’ The Way Things Go (1987) will be on the TV, selected in honor of the fact that they were declared the 19th most powerful players in the art world by Art Review. We would also like to mention that The Way Things Go (purchased by Mr. Regan from the dollar bin at an HMV before their bankruptcy) is one of the only works of art we’ve ever seen attract and hold a crowd at MOMA. When we saw it there, on the second floor, it had a large crowd watching in rapt attention.

TV Party #1: Wednesday, November 18. 8-11PM

Famous Accountants, 1673 Gates Ave.
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