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(stumpy) christ of the ozarks | by fallsroad
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(stumpy) christ of the ozarks

Eureka Springs is a weird little town, full of bikers, hippies, new agers, Christians, and tourists. :)


On a mountain overlooking the town stands an enormous statue of Christ, seven stories tall (see the tiny people bottom right for perspective) and weighing in at two million pounds. It can be seen from miles away. It is also part of a truly bizarre Christian themed park that includes the "great passion play" enacted nightly in a true scale recreation of Jerusalem and a dinosaur museum pushing Creationist (oh sorry, that's "intelligent design") bullshit.


Oddest of all, though, is the appearance of the statue itself: it is horribly disproportionate. Coming up behind it, looking at the head and then the length of the body, it becomes apparent this version of Christ underwent an amputation - there isn't proportional room under that robe for him to have legs below about what would be the knee.


Now a local did tell us a story about how when it came time to dedicate the statue an official from the FAA appeared and informed the artist that the creation was too tall, and would require a blinking red aircraft warning light atop Christ's concrete locks. Unwilling to accept such an affront to his artistry, the sculptor had sixty feet removed from the bottom of the statue.


She referred to the statue as "Gumby Jesus."


Alas, I have been unable to verify this story and frankly, given the astonishing weight of the thing, highly doubt it even possible. Which leaves us with the sad fact of overwhelming artistic incompetence to explain poor Jesus and his stumpy legs.


More on the origins of the statue can be found here.

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Taken on July 8, 2005