Wake Up The World
We can change the world by changing our breakfast. How? Have Fair Trade Breakfast and help Wake up the World by educating friends and family about the benefits of supporting Fair Trade. All of these local actions will combine to make a one BIG statement about the global desire to build the movement and bring the benefits of Fair Trade to more farmers and workers than ever before.

A Fair Trade Breakfast is a shared morning meal that features as many Fair Trade Certified products as possible. Coffee and tea are a given, but what about pancakes made with Fair Trade Certified sugar and chocolate chips or a fruit salad made with Fair Trade Certified bananas and pinapples? And don't forget the Fair Trade Certified table linens!

But it doesn't stop there. A Fair Trade Breakfast should also include education about Fair Trade. All of the participants should understand what Fair Trade is, and why the products being served are so special. The call to action is that every participant in the breakfast helps Wake Up the World by telling five friends about the importance of buying Fair Trade.
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