visit to deeds design backyard working cabin - berkeley, CA
Arquitect Sarah Deeds of Deeds Design and his partner, carpenter John McBride, collaborated to bring to life a nicely built sturdy 120 square foot tiny cabin in their Berkeley backyard house.

- Whatch the video on our visit to Sarah Deeds and John McBride:

The tiny cabin lets the light in during wintertime thanks to its beautifully solved double roof, while the leaves of the frontal tree (leafless in cooler months, when the sun is lower) protect the interior of the cabin from bright summer light, when the sun is high.

The building has an irregular pentagon shape and resembles a houseboat in a way (they both like to sail and John McBride's past is related to Sausalito, where he saw the typical bohemian and countercultural houseboats growing up).

Architect Sarah Deeds used salvaged FSC-certified wood for the structure, formaldehyde-free fiberglass and denim insulation, and no-VOC paint, stains and finishes.

During our January 2012 visit, the south-facing high window filled the place with generous light. A both comfortable and big desk is set in the south and west corner of the tiny cabin. Designed and crafted by John McBride (also author of the shelves and the sofa) it has a curved surfing/skateboarding shape so it maximizes space.

Deeds and McBride talked to us about the project and invited us to film from their 1906 Victorian where they live, which carries all the character of the old woody construction (bare bones, no finishes, minimalism, nice touches, beams that look like an old ship upside down; their kitchen would be the bridge of the ship).

Deeds and McBride show us that a backyard's wasted space can be easily turned into the perfect setting of a memorable tiny building.
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