visit to loren amelang minimalist passive house - mendocino county mountains, CA
- *Update: watch the video on our visit to Loren Amelang's house, by Kirsten Dirksen (kirstendirksen):

- The video on kirstendirksen's YouTube Channel:

Loren Amelang is al old school engineer, capable of hacking is minimalist retreat in the northern California mountains of Mendocino county with a mix of passive and active building solutions for increasing comfort and reducing impact/bills.

The setting of the house is impressive. Surrounded by nature, Loren's house settles on top of a gentle hill covered by old oaks. The house is, in a sense, one more big tree following the continuum of the oak canopy.

Aesthetics: minimalism, deep understanding of simple living, wabi-sabi, trascendentalism. Rugged, never over the top. Everlasting, functional, hacked-improved with imaginative solutions and second hand, reclaimed stuff of all sorts. From a couple of Boeing first class seats he got from a friend to a solar roof and tubular temperature regulator that are sensitive to the environment, or old appliances that work and are well maintained. Every technical aspect of the house is controlled from a custom home automation program written in C by Loren Amelang himself: 10,000 lines of code, handy and ready to be improved, reshaped and customized as Loren learns more about the environment he inhabits.

- Here's an article on our visit (in Spanish):

Loren Amelang understands that life flows and enjoys hacking it. The pictures of the set show his achievement: timeless elegance and comfortability, simplicity. His house became one more tree of the hill.

It takes a deep understanding of things to achieve such an environment. I hope it inspires us all in different ways.
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