visit to renovo bikes store - sausalito, bay area, CA
Ken Wheeler spent much of his earlier professional life designing and manufacturing airplanes like the Wheeler Express, a composite, 4 place airplane named after its creator.

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Then he decided, with the help of friends and his son Stuart, to work on his dream: making wood bicycles. Renovo street, road and mountain bikes are well known among bicycles sibarites and experts.

Audi, the German car manufacturer, licenses one of Renovo's models, that both Renovo and Audi sell on a brand partnership.

Wheeler defines his company, Renovo Design LLC, which manufactures wooden bicycles in Oregon and sells them at the company's small and charming storefront in Sausalito, California:

"We’re just engineers/designers who chose wood as the material of choice for bicycles because of its excellent properties."

"Historically, wood bikes came before metal bikes and we only half jokingly say ‘metal bikes were invented because making a wood bike is such a pain in the ass.’ Well, it is hard to work with, but we get better every day and there’s a lot of satisfaction in conquering this unruly stuff."

- Our article on our visit to Renovo's Sausalito store to interview Ken Wheeler (in Spanish):

- Read more about wooden bicycles on our *faircompanies article (in Spanish):

"Renovo has evolved from a family company with one model to a close-knit group of skilled folks producing some six models of well-respected bicycles with sales worldwide, from South Africa to Finland."

Kirsten and myself had a great day in Sausalito. Our conversation with Wheeler was beyond interesting. So many things to talk about: working with hardwood, technology, crafsmanship and designing good products that can be fixed and last forever.
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