interview with richard heinberg - santa rosa, CA
We contacted Richard Heinberg by mid July, 2011. His new book, "The End of Growth", was about to be published, but he spent some hours with us and shared his ideas and house.

Richard Heinberg is a journalist, professor and senior fellow of the Post Carbon Institute, a think tank which studies responses and strategies to climate change, energy scarcity, overconsumption, economics, etc.

Like every summer, we spent some weeks working and visiting families around San Francisco, so it was a good moment to try to catch up with the author of various influential books on the link between the depletion of limited resources and modern society.

Heinberg invited Kirsten Dirksen and myself to his house in a quite suburb of Santa Rosa, north of San Francisco, on a summer afternoon of August, 2011. We talked about peak oil and the depletion of resources in general, but also about other topics such as gardening, Transition Towns, the small house movement, simple living, philosophies of life, social values... And even the Fibonacci number.

A video with the interview, soon.
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