visit to andreas x. stavropoulos airstream trailer tiny house - berkeley, CA
Born in the US East Coast, Andreas X. Stavropoulos had something clear when he decided to apply for UC Berkeley: he wanted to finish his studies and start a professional career without the burden of a big college bill to repay.

So he decided to create a house as appealing to him and his values as possible, the cheapest way. The plan: to refurbish the interior of the timeless, prestigious (and also more expensive than other RVs) RV trailer: the old school Airstream, a luxury brand of recreational vehicles.

- Check out our video on how Andreas X. Stavropoulos converted an old Airstream RV trailer in his tiny apartment:

Airstream was founded in the 30s by Wally Byam, now employs fewer than 400 people and is the oldest in the industry. Andreas Stavropoulos was comfortable with the philosophy of such RV trailers: "let's not make any changes, let's make only improvements".

Stavropoulos bought a second hand Airstream, designed with the strength and techniques of old aircraft assembling, and completely redesigned the interior, in order to make it as functional and spacious as possible. The Airstream was parked in a backyard, where the RV trailer took electricity from. Stavropoulos also used their bathroom and sometimes their kitchen. Other than that, a custom old school Airstream RV trailer dorm room became his house during college.

Andreas Stavropoulos, currently founder and principal of XS/LA Land Architects, preserves the Airstream RV trailer intact from the period he was living in it, though now he shares an old house in Berkeley, also the headquarters of his company.

Though Stavropoulos felt sick the day we were visiting, he did receive us and showed his old RV trailer tiny house. My thoughts: this Airstream deserves to be preserved, hopefully not (yet) in a museum, but used. The redesign of the interior has lots of bare elegance and simplicity, something difficult to achieve in small spaces. More important: one has the feeling there's plenty of space.

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