medical arts building
my husband and i celebrated our ten year wedding anniversary in hot springs arkansas last october. the night we arrived, we noticed this beautiful old building, and also that it was completely dark. some online reconnaissance explained that the MAB had originally provided all manner of professional medical care to the surrounding areas, but that once the population of hot springs declined drastically, it was no longer needed, and thus shut down. the building is completely vacant except for the first floor rented storefronts. but how to gain access, my obsessed little mind wondered?

the MAB is butted directly up against the mountain, so my husband and i went on a nice leisurely stroll up one of the trails that seemed to go in the right direction. a small foray off the beaten path showed me how stupidly easy it would be to get inside via a fifth or sixth floor window. someone had even thoughtfully left a wrought iron grating leaned up against the outside wall for me to climb.

one hour and a very nervous spouse later, i emerged with over 200 photographs and that high only a really good site can give. once in a lifetime experience! hope y'all enjoy.
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