MobileMe: Internet Explorer 7 is not fully supported

Internet Explorer 7 has known compatibility issues with modern web standards which affect Web 2.0 applications such as MobileMe.


You can use Internet Explorer 7, but you will not have access to all MobileMe features and will experience slower performance.

  • Andy Hawken 7y

    patchy browser support, zero standards compliance, zero accessibility : did they actually outsource its development to Microsoft ?
  • Chris Messina 7y

    I'm guessing this is the work of a particular team within MobileMe -- not representative of Apple policy necessarily -- since in some places Apple has some really good support for standards (even microformats!)... so, I just found this curious.
  • Edwin Martin 7y

    My experience is that Safari has much more standards-issues than Internet Explorer 7. I think not supporting IE7 has more to do with lack of knowledge. (And reading Ben Ward, that's probably the case).
  • Faruk Ateş 7y

    @Edwin Martin:
    "My experience is that Safari has much more standards-issues than Internet Explorer 7."

    Then you definitely don't have any decent experience using standards-based development techniques, sir.
  • Chris Messina 7y

    Interesting notes from 37Signals on dropped support for IE6 too:
  • Elliott Cable 7y

    Interesting comment thread. I'm witholding judgement for now. Initial reaction was FUCK YEAH! It's not just me kicking IE out the door anymore! But then I realize that Apple, unlike myself, is not actually doing anything but making life easier on themselves by kicking IE out. I can't decide if it's doing the right thing for the wrong reason or the wrong thing for the right reason... or perhaps something in between?

    » Edwin Martin - Uh. Yeah, you have no idea what you're talking about. /me disregards.
  • Evan Sims 7y

    @Ben: "whose applications contain precisely *no* content in HTML and are entirely generated by JavaScript" You do realize that's an entirely flawed statement, right? Just because it's generated by JS doesn't mean it isn't HTML... :)
  • Ben Ward 7y

    @Evan: Good catch. I mean to refer to no HTML content being returned by the server at the time you load your page, through conventional means, in your browser. All the content is loaded asynchronously, thus rendering it completely unusable without script.

    “whose initial HTML contains precisely *no* content, and is then entirely generated by JavaScript” would be accurate.
  • Joseph Hurtado 7y

    This is actually a feature! : )

    I can listen to Steve Jobs laughing his heart out somewhere in Cupertino land.

    Now seriously, delivering a product ahead of everyone else is also very valuable competitive advantage. The fact that one weird, difficult browser is not considered is to me truly not that bad a deal.

    Since when have Apple devotees cared to follow the masses, the IE 6 and 7s of the world? Never.
  • Marc Love 7y

    My experience is that Safari has much more standards-issues than Internet Explorer 7.
    What kind of alternative parallel Microsoft-managed universe have you been developing in?
  • Nick Dunn 7y

    He's just saying Safari ain't perfect either. Which is fair.
  • Marc Love 7y

    No browser is perfect, despite any development groups' propaganda, but certainly IE7 and IE historically have been amongst the most offensive browsers in the standards-compliance world. And no IE product has every been more standards-compliant than it's Safari contemporary.
  • martinscorepp 7y

    Have they forgotten about the thousands of .mac users who try to access their site from work and only have internet 7? I work in a hospital and it is a fantasy to think that they will just go ahead and download new browsers for many reasons. I cannot believe that they have not thought about the huge penetration of internet 7 and the inflexibility of large institutions. Very very very short-sighted and frustrating as I can no longer access my account from work. I am sure that I am not alone.
  • Ian Farrell 7y

    @martinscorepp You know, if you actually read what it says, it doesn't say you can't access MobileMe. Just that experience won't be as good as Firefox or Safari.
    My wife uses MM Mail with IE7 @ work with no issues.
    I wish people just wouldn't spout off junk without checking facts........PUH!
  • jeteye 7y

    I think this is bloody awful! I'm a mac user and a mobileme member, but here I sit in the QANTAS lounge, ready to access my e-mail and get this message! Not good!
  • Christy 7y

    I am extremely disappointed that there is no IE 7 support for Mobile Me. Kinda defeats the purpse of having 1 calendar, 1 email and 1 place to put all my stuff together. Like martinscorepp I'm at work in a locked down enironment and can't be dowloading new browers. They sniff it and take it right off. Mobile Me will not be getting my money any longer.

    I would be happy with degraded performance, but despite what the warning says, I truly CAN'T access my mobile me account through IE 7. It just won't let me in.
  • xtiaan 7y

    I am part of a team (designer) building a huge suite of online apps. Our developers are standards freaks and EVERY line of code has to use web standards, which is great. IE has been such a huge headache for us, that we stopped wasting our time trying to get it to work by dicking around with all the code, and for now we're taking the same approach as Apple has here. I think this trend will continue and FF and Safari and Google Chrome will continue to gain market share. Our system works flawlessly, and looks identical in all the other browsers.
  • Ben Ward 7y

    Xtiaan: That is reasonable (and at Yahoo! we have a Graded Browser Support strategy for the same purpose of filtering the browsers we test against), but in this case you are not adopting the same strategy as Apple. Apple are _saying_ that Web Standards are the reason for MobileMe not working properly (or at all) in IE6 and 7, but actually their implementation is so far away from web standards and web development best practice that crying ‘web standards’ is just a lie. An attempt to excuse their failure with something credible.

    The idea of not testing in IE6 is fine, but blocking content is completely opposite to the way the web should be built — you should only block presentation and behaviour layers to ensure usability and accessibility of content.
  • Tom Myler 7y

    Utter crap from Apple. I'm disgusted by this. I have no choice at work but to use IE7. Corporate policy forbids us from downloading Safari or Firefox.

    And to kick things off, there have been times when I think messages have sent but they have not.


    And I usually love Apple. Not in this case, though.

    Thanks Apple for this mess.
  • trancehaven 5y

    Honestly, either side can try to argue about how crappy the other side it. The point is simple: business should revolve around molding yourselves to the customer. That means that devolopers should make applications friendly for multiple browsers. Making it so that it doesn't work with IE but does with Firefox (and vice versa) is just not right. Every browser out there has their pros and cons; they even have massive security issues. Try subscribing to the US-CERT weekly advisory and you'll see how IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc. all have their issues. The problem with most of these comments is that the majority of them are all 100% compeltely bias in either one side or the other, and they all ignore the point that you shouldn't block out one browser because you just don't like it and expect people to change just to make it easier on you.
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