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    Lustro is a small application that exports your Address Book contacts to comma separated values, tab separated values, hCards and overwrites your Google Contacts.

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    1. tantek ages ago | reply

      Oh wow.

    2. andré.luís ages ago | reply

      Awesome! Just in time to include in a training session I'm about to give next wednesday at work. :o) Thanks.

    3. Cimm ages ago | reply

      Hi there, I'm one of the 2 developers that built Lustro. Great to see you like it! Feedback is welcome so let us know if you think something is missing!

    4. factoryjoe ages ago | reply

      Hey Cimm -- I *do* have some feedback... I tried exporting my Address Book (something like 4K entries) and it seemed to suck up about a gig of disk space and never completed the process!

      Have you done testing with large numbers of contacts? Could you make it possible to pick a set/group of contacts instead of all of them? Thanks!

    5. briansuda ages ago | reply

      This is great! I wish it also worked the other direction. You could subscribe to URLs of pages that have hCards. Then, like RSS, when they update their hCard, it updates (or alerts you to changes) so you can update your local address book. This could begin to build the distributed address book.

    6. Cimm ages ago | reply

      @factoryjoe: I thought I had a good reference with my 200 contacts, apparently not. 4K, ouch! So no, we didn't test with a large number of contacts. You may be right as my old Powerbook G4 had problems sorting my 200 cards. I added it as a ticket, thanks.

      @briansuda: Feedback from guys like you or Tantek means a lot to us, thanks! It's a great idea and wouldn't even be too difficult to make. Could be an idea for another app as I think it doesn't really fit in Lustro's simple scope today. An Address Book plugin maybe? Hope to see you at dConstruct!

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