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  1. 'ju:femaiz 89 months ago | reply

    Twitter > News for this.

    Hasn't yet hit google or anything else yet.

    -- (?)

  2. hillary h 89 months ago | reply

    Yet another "first responder" example!

  3. antigone78 89 months ago | reply

    It made pretty quick but it blew up twitter instantly.

    Twitter > Everything else! ;)

  4. andysternberg 89 months ago | reply

    We`ll have to see if goog relaunches jaiku w image capabilities. Instant personal accounts twitter/flickr style to mobile. Ive gotta find my deserted island! Srsly, hoping for no damage or injuries.

  5. theritters 89 months ago | reply

    What theme is that for Adium? I kinda like it all simple like that.

  6. 'ju:femaiz 89 months ago | reply

    Yeah - I wonder if Twitter can handle this one.

    They need to talk to some of the Yahoo! guys on the flickr team about server solutions for the large loads.
    Seen in my recent comments. (?)

  7. theritters 89 months ago | reply

    Oh, and it looks like people (at least my twitter feeds) are using hashtags now, for disasters at least if nothing else.

  8. factoryjoe 89 months ago | reply

    Adium style is Decay.

  9. marymactavish 89 months ago | reply

    I'm calming down a bit, finally, will certainly have one of my "must sleep in pajamas and know where shoes are" nights.

  10. nickhall 89 months ago | reply

    Hey Chris, how do you achieve this twitter via Adium? Looks cool, I tried to dig around online but only came up with plugins to display your current twitter status. Thanks

  11. factoryjoe 89 months ago | reply

    @nickhall: Can you be a little more specific? I'm mostly using UNO for my general theme -- that might be the place to start:

  12. nickhall 89 months ago | reply

    Now that I reread what I typed my question is super vague. I apologize about that. Anyways, I am very new to twitter, just started an account. How are you viewing your friends' twitters through Adium? Can you just add your twitter account as a contact? I see that you have the twitter icon in the upper left, is this a plugin? Sorry, I am just very confused.

  13. factoryjoe 89 months ago | reply

    Ok, I see. Try this:

    Then add "" as a Gtalk buddy in Adium. That should do it I think.

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