The new work

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  1. luke0x 110 months ago | reply

    nice. best poster in a while.

  2. progrium 110 months ago | reply

    holy shit. we're busting up... this is the best poster EVERR

    the messina does it again

  3. alienvenom 110 months ago | reply

    so yeah. i can totally like print a bunch of these at work on t3h color laserjet. please let me know if you want me to.

  4. jakedahn 110 months ago | reply

    Dude, that's an amaizing poster! Nice work!

  5. miss_rogue 110 months ago | reply

    This is boootiful, baby. Sigh.

  6. factoryjoe 110 months ago | reply

    Alienvenom: go for it. The link for the full size version is there for you to use! ;)

  7. Itkovian 110 months ago | reply

    Are you sure the US won't kick you for this? Looks like a socialist propaganda thing to me :-)

  8. factoryjoe 110 months ago | reply

    Except that the original was promoting a US service for the military called the "YMCA".

    Sorry, but the socialists weren't the only ones with propanda. ;)

  9. illustir 110 months ago | reply

    absolutely love the poster

  10. Dimitri Glazkov 110 months ago | reply

    Shoulda kept the hat in the shadow.

  11. dweekly 110 months ago | reply

    awesome. :)

  12. alienvenom 110 months ago | reply

    chris, can you send me the original PSD/Illustrator/PDF, or whatever? shdh (at) dogtoe (dawt) com

  13. Lloyd Dewolf 110 months ago | reply

    Amazing poster!

  14. unconed 109 months ago | reply

    Wow, the idea is great and the result is awesome ;).

  15. spearart4 108 months ago | reply

    Why are you calling this new work??
    This poster is my grandfather's art work. It was done with tempera paint!! It is considered one of the top World War I posters.
    He did many others to carve out a meager living, but often the printers would airbrush his and other illustrators' signatures off.
    My grandfather was not a rich man and a bit of an angliphile who freely contributed his time and talent to war effort after losing colleagues on the Lusitania.

    Why not make your own artwork!?

  16. factoryjoe 108 months ago | reply

    Hi Spearart4,

    The original poster artwork was amazing and inspirational -- I borrowed the artwork because I myself am not as talented an artist as your grandfather and wanted to carry forth the message of the original.

    You'll notice that I did give credit to Gil Spear, the original artist, in both the description an the work itself.

    The title "The New Work" refers to hacking as the new form of public service, as in the original work the reference was to the YMCA during world war.

  17. Barack Obama is my homeboy 97 months ago | reply

    I've always liked this old WW2 style of art more than the new crap nowadays... too overproduced.

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