Art Perspectives on Racism
Perspectives is a community art exhibit about racism, now on display in Mill Valley. This unique interactive space features art that encourages conversations about racial justice in our Marin and beyond.

This project was created by artist Zoe Fry, in collaboration with Sharon Virtue, Winona Lewis and Naima Dean. They built 3 painted doors about the past, present and future of racism in our area, inviting visitors to add their own art or comments in the back of each door.

The exhibit is now open to the public in Lytton Square in downtown Mill Valley, and will remain there until the winter rains start. You can learn more about this project on The Introverts Collective site:

This community project is self-funded and they could use your help: consider making a donation (as I did) at GoFundMe:

This photo album also includes Heroes, a companion exhibit by Wesley Cabral, which was produced independently and features large portraits of recently deceased black heroes John Lewis and Chadwick Boseman.

I was impressed by the exceptional teamwork on this project, which brought together people from diverse backgrounds and cultures to produce a beautiful creation that transcends the prejudices that divide our society. Well done!

As a society, we need to find a cure for racism, a terrible disease that has crippled America since its inception. Creative projects like these can give us a way to talk about this complex issue, through art.

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