Generation Our Climate
Young activists from Generation Our Climate are working with local governments to adopt renewable energy policies and helping consumers switch away from fossil fuels to reduce their carbon footprint. They have testified in front of state, county and city governments, got their school district to pass a resolution to address climate change, and were invited by Mill Valley Mayor Stephanie Moulton-Peters to help define her city’s climate action plan.

These young leaders hosted an inspiring Town Hall for Climate Action, for and by high school students and their communities. They spoke up about the current state of our climate and the need for more environmental education and activism in our schools.

Speakers included Nick Morgenstein, Milo Wetherall, Mimi Lawrence, Luci Paczkowski and Caroline Schurz, who study in different high schools in Marin, from Branson to San Domenico and Tam High. They were drawn together by shared concerns about climate change and a sense of responsibility for addressing this critical issue.

Their free town hall took place at the Mill Valley Community Center on Tuesday, Sep. 4, at 6pm, attracting a diverse group of citizens of all ages. Adult organizers and mentors for this event were Daniel Heagerty and Donna Lawrence, with multimedia support from yours truly.

I volunteer for these young leaders because of their commitment to curb climate change, long after our generation fades away. We need more young activists like them. They inspire me, and I invite you to support them as well.

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