Art Float on Fourth of July
People loved the Art Float at the Fourth of July Parade! We strolled down the streets of Larkspur and Corte Madera, showing off our unique parade float to thousands of spectators.

Folks of all ages cheered our giant earth and dragon of change, and many responded to our call to “vote, speak up -- and be the change!” Some followed us for a while, singing along old classics like “Down by the River” and ‘We Shall Overcome” with Emma Spike and The Freedom Singers.

Over a hundred volunteers at Tam Makers created this Art Float for Social Change, led by Fabrice Florin and Geo Monley, with the gracious support of Good Earth, MVCAN, Pataphysical Studios, Tam High School and the Youth Poster Contest. With this community art project, we aimed to engage more people to participate in democracy through art and music.

Special thanks to our crew for the day: Gary Appell, Ruthanne Ranz Appell, Greg Brockbank, Dana Dworin, Wayne Lechner, Teresa Marquez, Tim Pozar, Marilyn Price, Grace Severtson and Emma Spike. We’re also grateful to all our friends and neighbors who made this project possible!

We had a fine time spreading our message of peace through social change -- and enjoyed connecting with so many people in Marin's most popular parade.

Learn more on our Art Float page:

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