Art Float at Fairfax Parade
Behold the Art Float for Social Change at the Fairfax Parade! Our unique parade float features Mother Earth and a circle of waving hands, spinning on a carousel of art pulled by the pataphysical dragon Quetzy.

The Art Float was created by Fabrice Florin, Geo Monley and over a hundred volunteers at Tam Makers, with the gracious support of Good Earth, MVCAN, Pataphysical Studios, Tam High School and the Youth Poster Contest. Activists Greg Brockbank and the Freedom Singers stood on the float podium and led us into song with classics like ‘This Land is Your Land’. They took turns with local musicians Sheri Cooper and Clancy Bounds, who inspired us with their heartfelt songs for a better world. We hope to engage more people to participate in democracy -- and we invite you all to vote, speak up -- and be the change!

Thanks to all our friends and neighbors who made this project possible! We are particularly grateful to our wonderful event crew, including Derek Bacchus, Joey Burnett, Phyllis Florin and Marilyn Price, as well as videographer Kim Spencer, photographers Dana Dworin and Grace Severtson. For this event, we had the privilege of marching with like-minded partners: the Climate Action Coalition carried a large white crane held by members of 350Marin, Marin Clean Energy, Sustainable Fairfax, Drawdown Marin, Sierra Club Marin and Mamas on Fire. And peace activist Jes Richardson closed our procession with his GandhiMobile. Special thanks as well to Cynthia Briggs and the gracious organizers of the Fairfax Festival Parade.

We’ll present the Art Float again at the Fourth of July Parade in Corte Madera -- and throughout California in fall 2018, to help get out the vote for our next elections. Learn more here:
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