Bamboodu Float
People loved our political float at the Mill Valley Memorial Day Parade on May 29, 2017.

The Bamboodu Theater stars Lady Liberty and Mr. Trump: she hits him on the head each time he tweets fake news.

We marched with a group of MVCAN community members and artists from Pataphysical Studios. Thousands of spectators cheered as we passed by, singing along the wonderful poem about liberty: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses …”

The parade judges gave us the “Best Community Spirit Award". Audience reactions were overwhelmingly positive. KGO 7 News covered our float with a story that presented different viewpoints about our controversial art performance.

We built this float in my front yard with a wonderful team at the Mill Valley Community Action Network (MVCAN), a local political group which I recently joined to resist the conservative takeover of our country. Through this interactive art experience, we hope to engage people of all ages to get engaged in political action.

I’m very grateful to all our friends and neighbors helped us bring this project to life: Danny Altman, Laura Boles, Phyllis Florin, David Glad, Peter Graumann, Edward Janne, Suz Lipman, Charlene Lundgren, Jean Marie Murphy, Mark Petrakis and Martha Roush, to name but a few. Our friends from Pataphysical Studios included Howard Rheingold, Freddy Hahne, Stephanie Levene, Jean Bolte, Natalina Frederick, Dana Dworin and Geo Monley.

I’m glad that our message resonated with our community and helped promote MVCAN. Join your neighbors to keep democracy alive!

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