Bamboodu Theater
Behold the Bamboodu Theater -- a portable puppet show for political rallies, civic events and art shows.

Our first scene features Lady Liberty and Mr. Trump, illustrating the eternal fight between hope and fear through animated puppets, visual gags, news tickers and music, powered by Arduino.

The Bamboodu Theater will be on exhibit at Artworks Downtown in San Rafael from April 14 to 28. We also plan to show it at Marinovators in the College of Marin on April 22 and in the Mill Valley Memorial Day Parade on May 30.

I created this theater experience to engage people of all ages to help change the world through civic action.

I’m very grateful to all the gracious collaborators who helped me create the Bamboodu Theater: Edward Janne, Phyllis Florin, Mark Petrakis, Geo Monley, Jean Bolte and our friends at Pataphysical Studios.

Special thanks to Angelique Benicio for inviting us to premiere it at Signs of Hope, her political art show at Artworks Downtown in San Rafael.

Thanks as well to all my friends who took some of the photos featured in this album, including Phyllis Florin, Steve Katz, Tim Pozar and Howard Rheingold, to name but a few.

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