Maker Art at the Lycée Français
Here are photos of the 'maker art' course taught by Fabrice Florin at the Lycée Français in Sausalito. This private album is for parents, children and staff involved in the course.

We had a good group of eleven children in this after-school course, with ages ranging from 6 to 10.

In this course, we combined art and technology to make fun interactive experiences together, including a Chinese New Year Wonderbox and a City of the Future. Working collaboratively, students learned to make lights blink, sounds play and things move -- bringing characters to life inside their wonderboxes.

I really enjoyed teaching these kids how to create their own interactive art with electronics. You can see their work in this private album, which is only available to parents, children and staff involved in this class.

I’d like to thank the great team that is supporting this educational project: everyone at the Lycée Français has been wonderful to work with, from the extracurricular activities team to the campus staff. Many thanks as well to Tara Tiger Brown at Kithub, who gets us great learning kits for our students and delivers them quickly, at the right price. Cynthia Gilbert is a wonderful partner in the classroom, and my wife Phyllis Florin has assembled some beautiful art supplies for this class. Jean Bolte, her daughter Natalina, Howard Rheingold and other members of ‘Pataphysical Studios have also been very generous collaborators. And I’m also grateful to Geo Monley for hosting us at the Tam High makerspace. All of your guidance in developing the Wonderbox program means a lot to me. Merci!

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