Pataphysics and Alfred Jarry
As part of our 'pataphysical programs this month at the Mill Valley Library, we hosted a special event about ‘Pataphysics, the “science of imaginary solutions” -- and its founder, french poet Alfred Jarry.

This one-hour lecture and group discussion was held on October 15 in the Creekside Room, and engaged dozens of local community members in a fascinating conversation about the art movement that inspired surrealism and dadaism. Our presenters were Marshall Smith and Priscilla Wheeler, with creative contributions by Mark Petrakis, Freddy Hahne, as well as Fabrice and Phyllis Florin.

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This program complements the first public exhibit of the ‘Pataphysical Slot Machine, our poetic oracle, at the Mill Valley Library. Come see the slot machine this month! The exhibit is open every Saturday and Sunday in October, from 1 to 5pm, in the library’s downstairs conference room. Pataphysical Studio members will be on hand to demo the Slot Machine and share what we have learned while building this interactive art project.

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