Maker Faire
This album includes photos from the Maker Faire and related events in 2010, 2013, 2015 and 2017, mostly shot at San Mateo Fairgrounds by Fabrice Florin.

Maker Faire 2017 was bigger, louder and hotter than previous years. Many of the attractions were still the same, but they felt more grown up. I particularly enjoyed the illuminated art in the Dark Room, such as Peter Hudson’s 3D Stroboscopic Zoetrope. I also enjoyed all the ingenious robot exhbits and the Traveling Spectacular’s vaudeville performance

I gave a talk about our Maker Art classes on Sunday morning. We teach children to create magical worlds together, combining art, tech and storytelling. Our students get really engaged in the process, which helps them develop their creative, problem-solving and social skills.

The presentation was well received by a great group of teachers, parents and kids. I connected with several librarians and teachers interested in teaching Maker Art in their communities. And one mom reached out to me afterwards to say this was the best talk she heard this year.

Maker Faire remains the Mecca for Bay Area DIY hobbyists and it was well worth the trip for me. I made some good connections after my talk and learned more about robots for our next classes. Onwards!

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Here’s more info about my Maker Art talk:

Here are the slides I showed in the talk:

Learn more about our Maker Art classes:

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