Fact Fest
Here are snapshots of the fact-checking conference hosted by Jeff Jarvis and Craig Newmark at CUNY's School of Journalism on Nov. 15, 2011 in New York City.

Participants included representatives of leading fact-checking organizations (e.g.: FactCheck.org and PolitiFact), as well as thought leaders, journalists, educators and involved in this field. (if you attended this event, feel free to tag, caption or add names of featured participants in the comments).

The purpose of this four-hour summit was to discuss best practices and the future of fact-checking, as well as explore ways we could pool our resources to scale this movement.

It was an inspiring discussion, which touched on a variety of topics, from increasing the supply of fact-checks to building demand for verified information, growing a "factual culture", as well as recent technology developments, research and educational initiatives.

For more info about this event, check out this summary on Storify and the raw Twitter feed (#factfest). We'll post full event notes here when they are available from CUNY.

To learn more about NewsTrust's own experiments with pro-am fact-checking, visit our pilot site at Truthsquad.com.
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