Pataphysics 2020-2021
Here are recent pictures from Pataphysical Studios in 2020 and 2021.

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We are now working on several art projects in parallel.

Our main project for 2021 is the Time Machine. Guests are invited to step into our magic portal and travel to different time periods, which we recreate as short scenes, through a variety of audio, video, maker art and mixed media. We’re now hard at work building this interactive art project, which we plan to unveil in public in 2021. You can track our progress on the Time Machine in this photo album.

Our last big project was the Pataphysical Slot Machine, a community-created poetic oracle. This interactive art exhibit invites you to sit in a giant throne, ask about your future and get whimsical answers from a chubby pinhead called Ubu — and a menagerie of animated characters that include singing flowers, alien invaders, red devils, and happy buddhas. To see the Pataphysical Slot Machine in action watch this video.

Pataphysical Studios is a collective of artists, engineers, teachers and students based in Mill Valley. It includes Howard Rheingold, Fabrice Florin, Freddy Hahne, Stephanie Lavene, Donald Day, Janey Fritsche, Tim Pozar, Jean Bolte, Mark Petrakis, Luis Costa, Justin Hall, Ilyse Magy, Marshall Smith, Priscilla Wheeler, Phyllis Florin -- and our extended community. Learn more on our site.

We used to build big theme art at Burning Man project, but decided to switch to a small art installation we could work on and exhibit year-round, collaborating with our friends, neighbors and family.

Playing together helps us reconnect with the life force within. It lifts our spirits, strengthens our bonds and keep us off the streets. Who could ask for more?

Stay tuned to this wavelength …
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