Burning Man 09
Here is Dr. Fabio's full album of 900+ photos from the Mind Shaft Society's art expedition to Burning Man 2009.

For a shorter slideshow, check my Best of Bman 09 show.

For the best viewing experience, click on the 'Slideshow' button on this page. Photos are presented one day at a time, with the last day shown first.

Follow the intrepid doctors on another adventure into the Playa and beyond. This year, the Mind Shaft anthropologists recreated the Bamboodu civilization's legendary 'Create & Evolve' ritual - with a life-size Spirit Construction Set and the Freshest Fish on the Playa.

Be sure to visit my Evolutions set, in which I ask the burning question: "How Are You Evolving?"

See also our Create & Evolve Set to see the making of this year's Bamboodu exhibit.

For complete photo coverage of our collective art works over the years, check out my Burning Man Collection.

To find out more about the Mind Shaft Society, visit our official site.
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