Burning Man 2008
Here are some of my favorite pictures from Burning Man 2008 in Black Rock City, Nevada. This year's theme celebrated the American Dream, in all its forms.

The Mind Shaft Society, our association of artists and scientists, had its own exhibit at Center Camp: "America 3.0" - dedicated to new ideas for growing American democracy.

We asked people to write down their American Dreams, get their picture taken, then spin the Wheel of Dreams to bring them to life . We also invited visitors to amend our new Bill of Rights 3.0 -- and get their butt stamped to seal the deal. A good time was had by all, and we found new inspirations in the process.

Also included are scenes from the Flamethrower Shooting Gallery, by our friends Matisse and Roxy -- and many wonderful art works from the ever-expanding playa universe. There were fewer big art pieces this year, but it made our own art that much more meaningful -- and the new temple was absolutely lovely.

All in all, it was a great way to strengthen our bonds, make new friends and broaden our perspective. I'm glad I went, and am grateful to all my friends who nudged me to go, if only for a few days (I left half-way through, to get back to my work). See also our Making of America 3.0 Set, for a glimpse at how we created this collective art over the summer.

For complete photo coverage of our collective art works over the years, check out my Burning Man Collection.

To find out more about the Mind Shaft Society, visit our official site.
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