Videowest 40th Anniversary
A hundred old friends came together on Labor Day to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Videowest, the indie TV studio that pioneered rock video journalism in the 80’s. We spent a wonderful day reconnecting with each other at the San Francisco Film Centre in the Presidio, San Francisco.

In the afternoon, we hung out on the veranda, reminiscing about the good old days over drinks and food. In the evening, we watched video flashbacks and took turns on stage sharing memories of the wild times we had unleashing a new wave of television for the rock generation.

It was a true pleasure to catch up with so many old friends for this once-in-a-lifetime celebration! Special thanks to all the Videowest alumni who generously volunteered their time over many months to prepare this fun reunion: Lee Callister, Joe Dea, Juanita Diana, Fabrice Florin, Phyllis Florin, B.J. Martin, Betsy Miller, Evelyn Messinger and Marcus Pun. We’re particularly grateful to Scoop Nisker and Tom Disher for giving special performances at the event.

Many thanks as well to our event crew for all their help that weekend: Stu Bass, Vince Casalaina, Eric Christensen, Tom Disher, Kat Guevara, Steve Goldsmith, David Lawrence, Jeff Nemerovski, Frankie Peticlerc, Maggie Panontin and Liduina Van Nes, to name but a few. And kudos to everyone who flew in from all over the world for this event, including Jennifer Blowdryer, Antoine de Cazotte, Philippe Denard, Wes Dorman, Marty McNiff, Erik Nelson, Karen Sharpe and her daughters.

Be sure to visit our cool new site at to watch some of the videos we created together. If you were a fan of Videowest or worked, it’s a great way to stroll down memory lane and experience the worldview from the rock generation and the rise of punk and new wave music. Are we having fun yet?

Photos by Fabrice Florin and friends.
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