Democracy Cafe
Democracy Cafe is a new series of art, music and civic events for Marin residents. Our goal is to engage our community to build a better world, by combining arts and politics through fun, hands-on, collaborative activities.

We believe that connecting with our neighbors through creative interactions can bring us closer to each other, spark our imagination, and engage us to take meaningful political action together.

Democracy Cafe first opened its doors on Sunday, January 14th, 2018, at the O'Hanlon Center for the Arts in Mill Valley. A creative group of 50 activists and artists of all ages gathered to make signs, art and music for the upcoming Women’s March.

Here are photos from our first event for this civic engagement program. We started by creating our own signs, as well as making blue flags and decorating Lady Liberty figures in the art studios. We then played music and practiced protest songs with the Freedom Singers and others in a beautiful sculpture garden. We ended with a group discussion of our Women’s March plans, as well as next steps for Democracy Cafe.
I was moved by the creativity and collaborative spirit of our participants, who seemed to really enjoy themselves and created some inspiring artwoks in just a few hours. They gave us very positive feedback and would like to do this again next month.

Democracy Cafe shows a lot of promise for energizing our communities through creativity, and giving people new ways to use their imagination to solve problems together and change the world.

Democracy Cafe’s first event was produced by a group of Marin activists and artists led by Fabrice Florin, including Danny Altman, Jean Bolte, Mary Cosgrove, Carol Korenbrot, Marilyn Price and Laura Riley. Many of us are also part of the Events Team of the Mill Valley Community Action Network (MVCAN), our political action group in Marin. We build community with art, music and politics, to change the world through creative expression and civic engagement.

We also wish to thank all the volunteers who generously helped host this first event, including Jake Cohen, Dana Dworin, Wayne Lechner, Gareth Loy, Robert Mowry, Erma Murphy, Gary Yost, to name but a few. Many thanks as well to our wonderful participants, whose creativity and enthusiasm made this community event so successful. Your commitment to art and activism inspires us.

Join your neighbors to make art and keep democracy alive!

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