The Dreamer
The Dreamer is alive. This illuminated sculpture summons the spirits of Albert Einstein and other free thinkers, speaking to us from across space and time. Their faces appear on an translucent mask through the magic of rear-projected video, which brings them to life as if they were right in front of you.

The Dreamer’s face keeps transforming, showing fleeting characters and images, evoking memories and ideas that can move us and transform our lives. My goal is to make us more aware of how characters like these can influence us and change the way we perceive the world around us.

I’ve been prototyping The Dreamer for a few months now, and this interactive art project is coming along really well. I started by projecting photos against blank party masks, then creating clay sculptures of flattened faces, vacuum-forming them, and rear-projecting videos of talking heads inside our new translucent plastic masks.

The effect is surreal, and this art piece seems to be breaking new ground. There are so many ways it can go now. Next steps include adding some interactivity, so you can query the spirits or spark different moods -- as well as shooting and acquiring more talking head videos. We will present The Dreamer in a kiosk for art exhibits, as well as in the Time Machine we are building at Pataphysical Studios.

To show what the Dreamer is thinking, our next prototypes will display images of people and nature, sparking different moods, each represented by a different colored light, such as: red for anger, orange for fear, yellow for happiness, green for surprise, blue for sadness, purple for love, for example.

You will be able to change the Dreamer’s worldview by pressing buttons that make him/her more happy or sad, angry or kind, fearful or curious (like social media emoticons). In response, the Dreamer’s head will light up with different colors and facial expressions, as these emotions are activated in his/her mind.

As times goes by, we see the interplay of the forces that drive us: anger can turn into love, sadness into joy, fear into curiosity. And changing our emotions can transform how we view the world. We hope this experience can help us replace our destructive emotions with a more positive outlook.

Watch the video of our first Einstein prototype:

Learn more on our project page:
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