Arduino 101
We are teaching new classes on how to create interactive objects with the popular Arduino board.

In this evening class for adults and teens, we show students how to build simple interactive systems with an Arduino micro-controller, used by millions of makers around the world. They learn how to make lights blink, play sounds, move things — and bring it all together to create a fun interactive experience.

This album includes photos from our recent evening courses at Tam Makers, our new makerspace in Mill Valley -- as well as our first Arduino workshop at the Mill Valley Library in October 2015.

My co-instructor for this course is Donald Day, with support from our partner Geo Monley and Howard Rheingold.

We worked with a wonderful group of about ten students, including adults with diverse backgrounds, as well as a couple high school students.

Students seemed to really enjoy this class and told us they learned a lot from it. Several expressed an interest in taking intermediate and advanced classes in the future.

This is one of our first maker courses at Tam Makers, and we’re really happy that it is going so well; we look forward to teaching more classes in the fall.

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