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A Tale of Two Cities (and one old Zeiss) - Part 1. | by VEB Zardoz the Gravyboat
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A Tale of Two Cities (and one old Zeiss) - Part 1.

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This shall be a Tale of Two Cities, in two different countries, and one week, and one roll of 120 b&w film, in the (long) life of a 1935 Zeiss Ikon german folding camera.


This one:


It shall be a tale involving love, marital dis-harmony, just one high-speed car chase, and drinking in some rare, weird & mystical pubs & bars... and old cameras as well.


It should be a tale in sixteen (6x4.5) parts, but it shall be in fourteen parts, because I totally f***ked-up two frames (see above re; drinking, bars, etc.).


And as always, like all experienced hacks, I'm behind with my deadline.


So please call back later (When my scanner's fixed) for the full Part 1 of this tale, and on.


Oh... and do please view this photograph (and those that follow) in 'original size', to get some approximate idea of what a photograph from a 74 year old camera would look like if it were printed and hung on a wall, as all such should rightly be.


And a few of the more sharp & observant amongst you may notice the little reproduction of the whole photograph, tucked up into the top left corner.

This is not because it is posted as a Tiff (as the rest will be too), and as some nerds may tell you ~ but is a powerful Welsh Druid talisman to ward off evil photographic spirits, that drift hidden in murky fogbanks over the Irish Sea to Wales, from the Land of The Ginger Bogsmen... uninvited.


And also please ignore (or enjoy!) the dust and filth all over the neg when I scanned it, which I shall not be removing, because I think it looks "cool", to use Flickr's "favourite" & "most Interesting" bit of vernacular.


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Taken on August 15, 2009