Star Icosahedron - Evan Zodl

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    Designed and folded March 2012. Folded from twenty hexagons of tant.

    I have been trying to perfect this design for some time now, and I am finally satisfied with the result. My goal was to incorporate the EZ Star into each of the units, and the great part about this model is that, just like the original EZ Star, more stars can be stacked on top of of one another on each of the units!

    Overall, the locks on each unit hold the model together quite well. The inside of the model looks pretty neat too! This is my first modular model, so I would love know what you think of it!

    All comments are greatly appreciated! If there is enough interest, I would definitely consider diagramming this model.

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    1. Baltorigamist 54 months ago | reply

      That's an awesome modular!!

    2. Kid Keoma 54 months ago | reply

      Such a beauty!

    3. konnichi-wa 54 months ago | reply

      awesome.... very very beautiful

    4. esli24 54 months ago | reply

      It's a beautiful design! I hope you will diagram this wonderful Star Icosahedron!

    5. EZ Origami 53 months ago | reply

      Thanks again for all of your encouraging comments and support everyone! I really appreciate it! :D

      suehp127 I have already started working on the diagrams, and I hope to finish them some time this week.

      Sam.Amalan Thanks so much, Sam!

      Martin Sejer Andersen Thanks, Martin! I will certainly give your FIODT a try. I hope you figure out how to fix the issue with your video, I wouldn't want all of your hard work to go to waste.

      Also, I look forward to seeing the picture of the EZ Star. It is not too difficult to stack the stars on top of one another. If you have any trouble, let me know and I will be more than happy to help!

      I tried out Daniel's "Quadra-hadra-pudra-phedron" quite a while ago. I was able to fold and assemble the units correctly, I just had some trouble getting the 5 colors arranged correctly.

      As for the inserts, I will leave that up to you! I can send you a copy of the diagrams once I get around to finishing them, but I don't think I will be working on inserts for this model any time soon! :P

      Marta Ide Schaefer Thank you, Marta!

      Quentin Origami Thanks so much, Quentin! I'm really glad you like it!

      Jaime Niño Muchas gracias!

      Lydia Diard paperfolledingue Gracias! Me alegro que te guste!

      Pere Olivella Thank you very much, Pere!

      Francesco Mancini Thanks a lot, Francesco! Like you said, each of the unit make up a triangular face, so you can certainly fold a tetrahedron, octahedron, etc. from them! I originally folded a tetrahedron to test the units, but I hope to try out other polyhedra some time soon!

      vicente r.arenas Muchas gracias. Realmente lo aprecio.

      Rebecca Thanks so much for the kind words, Rebecca! I will let you know as soon as I finish the diagrams!

      Rui Roda Thanks a lot, Rui! I really appreciate it! I will let you know when I finish the diagrams as well! :D

      Maik.Fischer Thank you!

      Oritsuru Thank you very much for your kind words, I really appreciate it! I really like how this photo turned out as well. This was my first time folding with tant, and I was surprised at how well it folded/looked in the picture! :P
      The inside of this model looks very similar to the outside of this model here. I wonder if it is possible to use both sides of my unit to create an icosahedron like that. I will definitely give it a try-- thanks for the idea! :)

      Cobra_11 Thank you! That sounds very interesting, I would love to see what you can do!

      charliblog Muchas gracias, se lo agradezco mucho! Estoy trabajando en los diagramas de ahora!

      Gustavo Muchas gracias!

      ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ Thanks a lot!

      Byriah Loper Thanks, Byriah! I am really interested to see what you can do with that!

      Mike Van Horne Thank you so much for the encouraging words, Mike! It really means a lot to me! :D

      Baltorigamist Thanks, I'm glad you like it!

      Volker Pottkämper Thank you!

      Wilma Besamusca Thank you very much!

      IlseZ Thank you! I am currently working on the diagrams!

    6. sin cynic 53 months ago | reply

      Splendid design! Have you folded tetrahedra and octahedra from these units too?

    7. • Carol • 53 months ago | reply

      Another fan of your incredible design. Ü It's awesome!!!

    8. steffi's 51 months ago | reply

      perfectly done a beautiful Icosahedron congratulations!

    9. Some Random Engi 42 months ago | reply

      Hello Evan! I just LOVE this model, could you make a tutorial on it please?
      Have a good day ;-)

    10. Origamivdt 42 months ago | reply

      Fantastic !!!

    11. Jovian_Artistry 42 months ago | reply

      You said you'd draw diagrams in about a week, and that was 12 months ago D:
      This design has got to be one of the most original yet.

    12. Emis2 41 months ago | reply

      Evan! this is really clean and neat! Congrats... I like the model a-lot. It's unlike all the modular ( icosahedron modulars) I have seen. I like the idea of the stars on each face :)

    13. Rydzz123 40 months ago | reply

      Please Send Me the DIAGRAMS cause its really awesome

    14. edwardholmes91 40 months ago | reply

      I'm really looking forward to the diagrams for this model! How are they coming along?

    15. Paulchen_01 32 months ago | reply

      Hi Evan, just a short question: how many rows has one of your hexagons?

    16. hannelore1302 32 months ago | reply

      Just discovered this beauty. If ever you had a diagram I would appreciate a lot folding this stary kusudama. Thanks a lot.

    17. Meeyho 23 months ago | reply

      supreme highly beautiful i love this model can i have share the scheme model for this icosahedron <3 <3 <3 Evan Zodl so much

    18. edwardholmes91 18 months ago | reply

      hannelore1302 The diagrams for this model are available in the 2014 Origami USA Model Collection :)

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