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Culumbus: hero, or heretic? | by eyewashdesign: A. Golden
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Culumbus: hero, or heretic?



Look carefully, for things in life are not always what they seem. ~ a. golden, eyewash design - c. 2007.




Work inspired from the blog of Annawon Weeden, Native, son, father & educator:


From his recent blog: "Columbus Day is coming..."


So here we are another year, approaching that most racist holiday of them all...Columbus Day. As with any holiday here in America, schools across this country will be teaching a partial story which idolizes this man and glosses over the tragedies he brought upon this land & it's people.


Having worked with many schools, dealing with the Thanksgiving story, it is obvious educators have become aware that it is indeed a story rather than an actual event that took place. With each passing year, native communities throughout North, Central & South America raise hopes that the holiday and it's portrayal in public schools will be shared with more than just colonial perspectives. We are beyond the colonial ages afterall in this new millenium.


So why teach the same old story which is more fiction than fact? Well, obviously we can't tell the truth. How can we explain to children the horror of infants ripped out of their mother's arms and tossed in the air while good ol' Chris orders his men to shoot the infant dead before it hits the ground? If you think I am a twisted individual for creating this scenario, you need to educate yourself as to what this man really introduced to this "Old World". His own men, many of which were men of the cloth, spoke out against his actions and manner of dealing with the Caribe, Ariwak, Taino and other cultures he not only met, but pretty much destroyed.


In his own words, Christopher Columbus wrote of the generosity of all these people he met. Yet in those same passages, he states his reasons for needing to inflict fear and terror in order to gain their ultimate respect. Sound like somebody we know? Let's see, I can name a few.


So why can't we have an Osama Bin Laden day? Maybe we can celebrate the life of Saddam Hussein throughout America each year. Let's focus on all the good things that came about from the Jewish Holocaust and celebrate Adolf Hitler's birthday when it comes around year after year. Eventually, all our children would know is all the good things that came from these tragedies. Since it's obvious we are not teaching them to learn from others mistakes.


Yes, Columbus day is a mistake afterall, he thought he landed on another continent, remember?


~ Annawon Weeden



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Taken on September 21, 2007