Chris & Jessica Engagement - Falling

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This was the first engagement shoot that I have done and I was excited that I got to do it with two of my long-time friends: Chris and Jessica. They're really cool people. Chris popped the question earlier in the summer and they called me right away to ask if I would go up to Oregon City to do some engagement shoots for them. They also wanted me to do their wedding, but I told them I wanted to enjoy the wedding, not have to photograph it. I think Jessica believes she can still find a way to convince me to do it.

Half the shoot was done at Hillendale Park, which is where he proposed (and right near the house where I spent 18 years of my life). The other half was in the backyard of Chris' parent's house. They were great to shoot with and the weather was awesome. I must confess, I did browse flickr for a while on poses I could use, so not all of these poses are my own making.

How to recreate this photo:
I'm a huge fan of sharing and creative commons. I also wanted to share how this photo was created.

1) Find a place with a still background. Wind moving bushes can make this hard.
2) Put your camera on a tripod.
3) Place your subjects at the edge of your frame.
4) Have one subject take decently sizes steps. Have them pause as they complete each step. Take a photo as they pause. Have them take another until they get to the middle.
5) Now repeat for the other subject until they are in the middle.
6) Have them kiss or do something fun in the middle and take a photo of that. You can try a few different poses her and decide which one you want to use later.
7) Bring all these photos into one photoshop document. Keep one photo as background. Keep each different "copy" of the person on a different layer
8) On each layer that is not serving as the background to the image, erase everything except the person. Make sure you don't erase shadows. They are important as well.
9) Change the opacity of the layers that aren't the ends or the middle 50%. They will blend into the background.

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  1. cpqgal 32 months ago | reply

    what a lovely photo. very nicely pp too.

  2. wfpalmer 32 months ago | reply

    Check this one out.
    Multiple images -NO PHOTOSHOP
    point and shoot digital camera.
    lots of fun along the way

    Visit the image to find out how.

  3. SuzanneGonzalez 32 months ago | reply

    I bet you could just rapidly take photos as they walk, or even skip together, making it a more lively and fun "jaunt". You could even leave all the people at 100% opacity. maybe do a slight blur behind them, to give more of a feeling of motion!

  4. 2x25mpg 32 months ago | reply

    Photoshop,s to complcated to figure out. How do you combine all the photos into one file? Is,nt each photo its own file? What's all this layers stuff? Why are computers so damn complicated and photo editing even more so ! Aargh, I miss film.

  5. jonhlennon312 32 months ago | reply

    This could also be done with film, the only difficult thing is getting the end's and center's perfect exposure... but sure it can be made.

  6. LoveMissB 32 months ago | reply

    Excellent image and wonderful story. Thank you for sharing!

  7. J.Olliff 32 months ago | reply

    Very creative! Love it!!

  8. c_mmm 32 months ago | reply

    love this... thanks for sharing this technique : )

  9. Brucie at home 32 months ago | reply

    wow. so cool. thanks for the recipe. you are an asset to flickr!

  10. maf04 32 months ago | reply

    Amazing image

  11. dcsaint 32 months ago | reply

    A great idea - well executed

  12. David 23 31 months ago | reply

    Great picture.
    Chris, sandals? really dude... ;)

  13. dinayns 30 months ago | reply

    Absolutely incredible. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity.

  14. kross_edd 30 months ago | reply

    Very original

  15. Leo e Sabrininha 30 months ago | reply

    Muito show. Vou ter que fazer uma igual

  16. macofficer2010 12 months ago | reply

    would this be possible with a long exposure? (i.e. have them stand at the ends... step/pause for smaller amount of time... repeat until the middle and have them still longer?

  17. earthformed 2 months ago | reply

    Brilliantly done, I'm sure this took a long time to put together. Very clever.

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