Chris & Jessica Engagement

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    This was the first engagement shoot that I have done and I was excited that I got to do it with two of my long-time friends: Chris and Jessica. They're really cool people. Chris popped the question earlier in the summer and they called me right away to ask if I would go up to Oregon City to do some engagement shoots for them. They also wanted me to do their wedding, but I told them I wanted to enjoy the wedding, not have to photograph it. I think Jessica believes she can still find a way to convince me to do it.

    Half the shoot was done at Hillendale Park, which is where he proposed (and right near the house where I spent 18 years of my life). The other half was in the backyard of Chris' parent's house. They were great to shoot with and the weather was awesome. I must confess, I did browse flickr for a while on poses I could use, so not all of these poses are my own making.

    I made Jessica do this shot many times because I wanted her hand to be at the right angle where it was in the sunlight. The ring is a tad overexposed, but it looks far better than the ones where her wrist is angled to be in the shade.

    Strobist: Umbrella'd SB-28 camera left at eye level.

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    1. yatsuraoleg ages ago | reply

      great shot

    2. Squirrel de la Zuz ages ago | reply

      aww, that is such a sweet shot

    3. michelle_deford ages ago | reply

      thats adorable!

    4. YouLookNiceTodayPhotography ages ago | reply

      Perfectly lit! I did one similar recently only with more bokeh and only natural light. I actually like the way yours turned out better. :)

    5. coupeowner ages ago | reply

      This is great. Haven't seen this pose before and it really works with her beaming personality.

    6. CraptasticPhotog ages ago | reply

      Looks like you did a great job. Never would have guessed it was your first.

    7. Conwayphotographic (Model & Maternity Gallery) ages ago | reply

      This shot is special because it captures the joy & excitement that can come with an engagement. I also like the composition (especially the slightly distorted shape/size of the hand) and how the hand jumps out as the focal point: quite fitting given the storyline.

    8. GioPhotos ages ago | reply

      Look at her big smile. She is so happy. This is one is the best for this series.

    9. YouLookNiceTodayPhotography ages ago | reply

      Here is that shot I talked about earlier that I did (I finally got around to up loading it):
      Dave and Lauren

    10. Auzigog ages ago | reply

      @YouLookNiceTodayPhotography: Great one! I wish I had that kind of depth of field in mine!

      I've come to the conclusion that you absolutely need an f/2.8 lens to do engagement/wedding photography. Everyone loves the depth of field.

    11. YouLookNiceTodayPhotography ages ago | reply

      You totally need to go out today and buy the 1.8f 50mm. It doesnt auto focus on your camera but is what I use for 99.9% of my portrait photography...especially natural light stuff.

      Plus its just a little over $100!

    12. Auzigog ages ago | reply

      I have an old film 50 1.8, but after I get them on to my computer, I find that most of my photos are slightly out of focus. I guess I need more practice manually focusing.

    13. amused elbow [deleted] ages ago | reply

      very nice tone:)

    14. toddlerazzi ages ago | reply

      this is great!

    15. jamielaughsalott 115 months ago | reply

      these are all beautiful! :) do you do weddings?

    16. KatKimjac 108 months ago | reply

      nice shot, we just invested in a really great camera and doing shoots of some shots we did on our other camera and redoing them and yes it will be some more $$$ invested to get all the other stuff! :) If we were closer, we would have loved to do the wedding!! LOL

    17. jen tougas 105 months ago | reply

      great shot! im doing what you were saying and browsing flickr for ideas, and this one is wonderful, thanks:D

    18. daydayxvi 98 months ago | reply

      Someone pointed me to this site where they are using one of my pictures commercially as well as yours. Thought you'd want to know. Looks like they're selling engagement rings for a jewler in Paris.

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