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How much are you worth ?

How much I have to pay to take 8 hours of your life each day ? How much for 10 or more ?


Most of the time, I see you because of your qualification or may be the benefice you bring me, that's why I give you a value or a price...


I'm forgetting that there is a difference between a human being and a thing or a product, I'm forgetting what is a human being...


I'm this absurd society in which we are living.


Strobist : 3 lights setup :

- 1 SB900 in a Coco ringflash (M 1/2) mounted on camera as master Flash

-1 SB600 shoot through umbrella (M 1/8) close to the subject on the left of the camera

-1 bare SB600 (M 1/16 85mm) on the left of the subject (camera right)

Triggered with CLS


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Taken on February 26, 2010